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The Mystery of Amethyst in the Nether

I have been playing Minecraft for a few years now on PC and I've always had a deep interest in the Nether. In my opinion, it is one of the most interesting parts of minecraft because it is so mysterious. I have been fascinated by the fact that you can find amethyst on fire in the nether and you don't know why, and wanting to know the reason why is the reason I started playing Minecraft. This article will tell you all about what amethyst in minecraft is and how it got there.

What is Amethyst

When players first start out in Minecraft they are mainly concerned with collecting as much precious resources such as gold, diamond, glowstone, etc… for their house.

There isn't much thought about other resources that might be available in Minecraft other than those listed above, and even if players do come across amethyst it is usually out of curiousity and they say to themselves "amethyst? what's this for?" This leaves many people wondering why there is amethyst in the nether, and how it got there.

So, What is amethyst? Amethyst is a purple crystal that can be found in the nether. It cannot be crafted into anything, but it can be put into an enchanting table to make enchantment stronger or bookshelves to increase enchantment level by up to 30%

Where to Find Amethyst Minecraft

Amethyst is found in the nether, and only comes out on fire. The best way to find amethyst in Minecraft is to make a Nether portal in your home base and travel back and forth through it.

As you go back and forth between the overworld using a nether portal, your amethyst will pop out on the fire every time you go through a portal. If you are in creative mode, then this is really simple. You can just hold down the shift key and go back and forth through the portal in creative mode to collect your amethyst in no time at all.

If you do not yet have a nether portal set up so you can access the nether, there is another way to find amethyst. Nether fortresses are found only in the nether and they have a 33% chance of having an amethyst vein inside them.



Nether Fortress Location:

To find a nether fortress location in Minecraft, you must first go down to the bottom of the nether. When you have made it to the bottom of the Nether near bedrock level, use the following method to find a nether fortres. First, look up and you will see 3 paths with stairs on them.

Path 1:

To the right of the staircase in path 1 is an opening inbetween two walls that either leads to nowhere or it takes you to a room where there are 2 zombie pigmen. If you go into that room and mine the left or right sides of it, then there is a good chance you will find a nether fortress. If you find a nether fortress this way, then congratulations, you have found your first one!

Path 2:

To the left of the staircase in path 2 is an opening that takes you to a small room with two zombie pigmen inside. If you kill both of them, then there is another chance that there will be a nether fortress behind where the one zombie pigman was standing.

Path 3:

If you make it past both zombie pigmen rooms and you still haven't found a nether fortress, then look up above the staircase to see if there is any kind of opening between two walls. If there is an opening like this above the stairway on path 3, then make your way through the opening and mine the sides as you go. When you get through this opening, there is a good chance you will find a nether fortress.


If you have found a nether fortress in either of these 3 paths, then congratulations! You have just found your first nether fortress.

The only way to know for sure if there is an amethyst vein in the nether fortress is to go down into it and see if ore is spawning. If it isn't, go back up to the surface and then come back down again.






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