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Play your favorite Wii games from 2007

You have a Wii? You probably know that the Wii is an amazing classic-gaming emulator. Its ability to play GameCube games as well as Nintendo 64 classics makes it a must-have for any retro gamer.

But did you also know that the Wii can run titles from years past - even those released before its 2006 debut? It can, and this is how you do it.



The Wii's Virtual Console emulator doesn't just emulate games with its own unique library, enabling players to buy and download new games created for older game systems.

It allows the play of actual ROM images acquired from titles that were originally released on physical media.


How to access Wii games from 2007

To do this, you'll need a USB storage device (or SD card) with at least 512 MB of free space.

You can use either FAT32 or WBFS formats for your device; I personally recommend using WBFS because it's an efficient and reliable format, but please note that not all external storage devices support it.

Then, transfer your Wii games to the device using Windows Explorer, My Computer or even WiiFlow.

     First of all, connect your USB storage device (or SD card) to your PC via a USB port. You can also use an adapter that enables you to plug it into one of the Wii's USB ports on the front of the console.

     Open Windows Explorer and navigate to your device by double-clicking it under My Computer or using the left side pane.

     If you're using a USB storage device, create a new folder called "Wii" on it (or on the SD card). Then, copy your Wii games to it.


The best Wii games from 2007

     Super Mario Galaxy

     Super Paper Mario

     Mario Party 8

     New Super Mario Bros

     Wii Sports Resort

     Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree

If you want to play N64 games from 2007, you'll have to use a real N64 cartridge and an N64 Game Shark adapter.


What to expect from the gameplay

Some games will work better than others, depending on the circumstances. For example, titles that rely heavily on Wii remote movement should expect some input delay, which can throw off your game's timing and rhythm.

Games with heavy controller rumble features may experience lag as well.

But other than those few exceptions, games should play just fine.


How to improve your gaming experience

     If you have a GameCube memory card, use it to save your games. You can also connect your Wii Remote via the Wii's extension ports to reduce controller delay.

     Try using different USB storage devices if you're having gameplay problems with one in particular.

     Play in progressive scan mode for an optimal picture. Disconnect the Wii's power cord, then connect both ends of your component cable to the corresponding ports on your TV.

     If your PC doesn't have built-in support for USB storage devices, you can install a driver that enables you to read them under Windows XP or Vista.


Fun facts about the Wii games from 2007

     The original Wii system software could play Wii games from 2007, but Nintendo eventually removed the feature.

     In Super Smash Bros Brawl, the "Mario Finale" explosion attack references a similar scene in "Super Mario Galaxy."

     In addition to playing GameCube titles, the Virtual Console emulator supports a number of N64 classics as well. The Wii can't play N64 games from 2007, but you can use actual cartridges if you have the necessary equipment.

     If you own a Nintendo Wii U system, it's possible to transfer your downloaded Virtual Console titles over to the newer console. Visit the company's support site for instructions.



These are just some of the things you can do with your Wii console if you use it in conjunction with an external storage device.

You'll be able to play all the games that were available for the console when they first came out, but before they were removed from Nintendo's virtual game shop.



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